Rovigo is an independent foreign trade company that exports to 74+ countries worldwide. In addition to its own production in Turkey, Rovigo has signed special contracts with 6 major factories, and is in control of the entire production process from point A to point Z with BSCI-SEDEX-WRAP-SA8000 and ICS certifications.


Rovigo offers the collection that its business partners specifically demand in a short time, and continues with this working system with 6 world-renowned brands. Rovigo, which prepares different collections for each region according to the clothing and cultures of different regions such as Europe, Asia, America, Australia, and New Zealand, aims to put the right products in the right markets. With 27 fairs it attends in different countries throughout the year, Rovigo proudly promotes Turkish goods.


ENDİCAN AYAKKABI ÜRETİM İHRACAT SAN VE TİC A.Ş is our factory located in İzmir / Işıkkent, in a closed area of 1100 m2, to create different designs for each region of the world with accurate R&D studies and to take these designs to the production stage as our business partners want.

Epoche XI

Epoche XI is our subsidiary brand under ENDİCAN AYAKKABI ÜRETİM İHRACAT SAN VE TİC A.Ş, which is a company related to our Italian-based company and exclusively caters to boutique stores in all countries around the world. It is independent of our “Rovigo” brand.


HERSUADE is our sub-brand under ENDİCAN AYAKKABI ÜRETİM İHRACAT SAN VE TİC A.Ş, which is independent from our “Rovigo” brand and targets only boutique stores in Europe. Our company is based in Italy.


“Garda” is our brand affiliated with “Rovigo”, aimed at the Balkan and African countries. Garda has found its target market with its shoes worn in 23 different countries, which we have prepared its collection separately from other brands, and continues to succeed.


It is our brand that we use in all Asian and Central Asian countries, affiliated with our company in Russia and Ukraine. Rifellini, which consists of more modern and stylish shoes, is one of the leading brands that sets the direction in shoe fashion with the 7 fairs it participates in Asian countries throughout the year. Rifellini is also our second brand used in the production of synthetic shoes to meet the increasing demand in Central Asian countries.