Since 1975
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Rovigo started as a shoe store in Rovigo, Italy, in 1975 and opened its first store in Istanbul Osmanbey. Since 2010, with its additional investments, trend and quality-oriented products, it continues its path with the goal of becoming a brand that introduces Turkish shoes to the world.

To meet the increasing demand, increase production and sales capacity and become a global brand in shoe industry, Rovigo continues to serve with its 3 wholesale stores covering a total of 3200 square meters in Istanbul.

As one of the leading shoe companies in the domestic market, Rovigo has made great strides in promoting and developing its brand abroad. Located in Istanbul/Beyazıt, Rovigo is in cooperation with the world’s largest brands in 74 countries with its companies in Italy, Russia, and Ukraine. Participating in 27 fairs in different countries every year, it proudly markets Turkish-made shoes in the global market.

In 2019, we established our R&D department in Izmir with the aim of discovering new trends, leading fashion and creating special designs and new models in shoe fashion.

Today, Rovigo has become one of the few companies leading the shoe industry in Turkey and worldwide, holding the quality, style, and fashion trend with a professional team, 150,000 product capacity, and 19 branches both domestically and abroad, while maintaining its innovative structure.

Exporting to the World

Rovigo is an original shoe trading company that exports to 74 countries, exploring the cultures, dressing styles, lifestyles, and regional seasonal differences of people on a global scale through an insightful journey. It combines its experiences in international markets with local dynamics and transfers them to its customers.


Years of Experience


Professional Employees



Our Values

Our main goal is to make our country a world-renowned brand in the shoe industry, without compromising our social responsibilities and ethical values. While striving to achieve quality, fashion, and elegance in the shoe industry, we also aim to discover models that provide foot health, comfort, and suitability for every style.


Our Vision

With our pioneering, dynamic, and innovative approach in our field, we aim to create a corporate environment that will increase the development and talents of our colleagues by using teamwork and the latest knowledge, management, and technology tools. Prioritizing the interests and happiness of our customers, employees, and partners, we strive to be a leading and pioneering world brand in the sector.

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